The world is hungry for fresh food

So we all go to supermarkets, discovered Ketchup and buy it in the form of ketchup. The world of food industry is becoming more and more complicated. There are many restaurants offering great dishes at affordable prices. It is quite difficult for a person to find a perfect place for him to eat or drink something delicious at an affordable price. For millions of people this is the best choice: New York!

It was not always like this; one can easily find pizza in California or Texas, but there are no good places to eat ketchup in New York City, then where should you eat it? Many people have eaten ketchup on their own in different places – usually outside cafés and bars – but they did not think that such a small dish could make

In New York, tomato sauce is something that you don’t see everyday. You will find it in pizza and hamburgers but never in ketchup. This makes sense because the tomato is not native to New York, it has been introduced here since the early 19th century by the Dutch settlers and they can’t make ketchup there because they aren’t good at making it from tomatoes.

If you say that you think that this is a unique thing about New York, then people will say that it’s not really something unique at all and that there are tons of places with amazing food – why would isolated Manhattan be special? But if you say this for instance for everybody else, then people will.