Ordering hot food online on a smartphone is one of our most popular tasks

But when you order the same dish at different restaurants and outlets, it’s more complicated than that.

This is a visualised analysis of the ketchup market in New York in 2017. What did you learn from this example?

This was a pretty straightforward infographic, showing some different ways of interpreting the data. Finding the key trends for ketchup sales helped to highlight that it is not just a product people see on food shelves and restaurant menus. There are other products people buy and use regularly: drinks, sauces, biscuits and condiments.

Cannibalism – human eating another human being isn’t just greed – it’s survival instinct! When humans disappeared from the planet over 10,000 years ago many animals went extinct as well. Some of these animals became extinct because they had little competition: no other animal could compete with their numbers or their ability to eat whatever they wanted.

People are often hesitant to buy items from a different store than their usual one. But that’s not the case with ketchup. Ketchup is sold everywhere and in multiple stores, but it’s not impossible to find ketchup in a supermarket or restaurant. So why should people taste only one product when they can have several?

People seem to be more willing to eat strange things than tomatoes and pizza. And we all prefer new things over old ones. We all like fresh foods, and we don’t mind eating them as long as it tastes good and we don’t have a hard time finding them. But exactly what is good food anyway? If you want to know that, then you will definitely like some of our articles on this blog!