The food service industry – as it was in the past – is going through a transition

  • 8 maja, 2022
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The old model of serving food at certain times, probably due to public preferences, has started to change with the advent of McDonald’s new concept.

The challenge for today’s fast-food establishments is to serve a healthy and delicious food that can be served at any time 24/7. Ketchup, which is used in most burgers and potato chips in the US, has become an essential ingredient in many European restaurants as well. But how does one go about selling it?

In this article I want to tell you about my experience with a new approach: our restaurant chain 'Ketchup’ opened up its first location on Kromerstrasse 3 in Munich last year and we are introducing it.

A hamburger in the city of New York is made up of ketchup, tomato, pizza, and fries. A chicken sandwich on a New York-style slice of bread may come with sprouts, lettuce and poppy seeds. These ingredients are roughly the same as those used with a California burger. It is therefore perfectly natural for people to buy New York-style copy for their food items in a ketchup store online.

Fried chicken may be purchased from a supermarket or restaurant. In either case it will contain ketchup, tomato and sprouts – but not lettuce or poppy seeds. On a street corner you can find an array of American sandwiches – some with meatballs and some without meatballs – that all come with ketchup on top (or are served without ketchup or at least no other.

New York is known as the fashion capital of America. With the rise of new technologies and digital platforms, there has been a great demand for high quality food products. Ketchup, which today is 50% less expensive than it was just a few years ago, is one such product that has gained in popularity.